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The Company

With a portfolio of over than 100 products, Bothanico Hair is one of the fastest growing companies on cosmetic for hair Market in Brazil.

Inaugurated in 2002, your industrial plant has a productive capacity to meet more than 100% of current demand.

The company is prepared and committed with their growth and their partners.

The success of your products are a result of a committed and quality industrial process. You research and investment center has the most advanced equipment’s of control and search, that promotes a constant innovation in its line guaranteeing a permanent quality standard.

Presents in more than 18 Brazilian States, Bothanico Hair is a company which values responsibility for the entire process.

The rigor with quality control is one of the most striking features of the company.

Until the choice of raw material from the expedition, your procedures are standardized to guarantee quality delivery to the final consumer.

Bothanico hair believes in shared growth, so it does not end in delivery of products.

Our team is prepared to guide and collaborate with our customers and partners, seeking continuous quality in administrative processes.

The company provides, to your distributors, the distributor’s quality incentive plan, that has as central goal the companies and business partner sustainable development.

This program contemplates managerial contents, sales team training, negotiation technical, besides rewarding the best practices and the major advances in the national distribution network.


Bothânico Hair

Nature is like this

Com um portfólio de mais de 100 produtos, a Bothânico Hair é uma das empresas que mais crescem no mercado de cosméticos para cabelo no Brasil.